Lone Star Kickball Open

Lone Star Kickball Open
April 16th 2016 Austin Texas

The Lone Star Kickball Open is a national tournament that is open to all kickball teams.


Tournament Host Hotel. To book please email us at Jon@ultracoedsports.com with your name and # of nights

2015 Champions: "Flying V"
2014 Champions: "Team With Amazing Talent" (USA)
2013 Champions: "Shower Heads" (N.Y.).

Tournament Host Hotel
Tournament Agenda
Field Information

Teams do not have to be invited nor otherwise qualify in order to take part in the tournament. Teams must field 10 players with at least 4 of each gender, and all team members must be at least 21 years or older on the day of the tournament. Austin Texas is one of the more exciting locations on the national list of Kickball tournaments which makes it one of the more popular tournaments in the country.

Think your team has what it takes to compete and win against some of the top kickball teams in the country? If you are tired of playing the same old
teams in your regular league over and over again, season after season, are looking for a fresh challenge on the kickball field, and your team is willing to step up to the plate, then come to Austin Texas  and get ready for some serious competitive kickball!

What could be better than spending a weekend in Austin Texas, also known as the "Live Music Capital Of The World". Bring your friends and family to enjoy this action packed and fun filled weekend.

Registering a Team & Tournament Capacity:
To reserve a spot in the tournament the team captain will need to register the team.  We will be allowing the first 20 teams to register and a wait list will be started thereafter.

Tournament Prizes:
Tournament prize amounts will be announced after registration closes and is dependent on how many teams register to take part in the tournament:

Tournament Rule Book:
The LSKO uses the CIRCUIT Rule Book.

In the event the tournament is not able to take place as scheduled due to weather, an act of God or any other reason, it will either be played with an abbreviated schedule, played the next day if the fields are available or canceled. The IKF reserves the right to adjust the tournament schedule and format as needed.

In the event of an abbreviated or modified schedule, The IKF is not liable for any refunds in full or in part for the tournament or any expenses incurred by individuals and or a team. If the tournament is canceled, teams/players shall be refunded their entry fee however The IKF is not responsible for any other expenses including travel, lodging, shipping, etc.

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